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Okay so today I was praying and got a word. I was told to get a pen and paper and write it down so I did. In case the sound doesn't go through I will write everything down here along with some prayers. My other uploads with my prayers were taken down, idk why but they're gone and I can't seem to find them. Anyways here it goes.

The three days of darkness are coming soon. Sooner than soon.
Please ready yourselves. Darkness is coming and will be upon you soon. All of you. Pray for mercy, direction and protection for you and all of your lived ones.

Ready yourselves for I am here. Ready yourselves in prayer. Make yourselves ready for my arrival. For I will be upon you soon.

if you are able, please go out and get some candles today. Doesn't matter if they're dollar store candles as long as they can keep a flame. Get some for yourselves, your friends and family. If you can, have the candles blessed, if it is not possible you may anoint them yourselves. To anoint them, ask The Lord Jesus to anoint the candles with his blood and his power.

Please be ready, I am here.

Prayers of protection

"Lord Armor me with the word of God and protect me from all evil."

"Almighty Lord, please cover me with the precious blood of Christ. Please cover me with the blood of the Lamb so that I may be shielded, protected and hidden from any and all evil."

"Lord I beg of you, please guide me in this world. Guide every single step and every action of mine so that I am not led astray. Lord stay by my side always and forever. Help me to remember your name in times of need. Lord please be with me in every moment of my life from now on and forevermore. Amen."

"Lord please don't let me wander in the dark. Lord please be the light in my life, always. Amen

Prayers of Redemption

"Lord though I am unworthy of your light, Please guide me through this darkness. Lord though I am unworthy of forgiveness please forgive my transgressions against you. Lord though I am unworthy of redemption, please save my soul."

"Lord honor me as I honor you. Lord I praise your name with all that I am. Lord please honor my prayers. Lord please honor my prayers.
(Pray the prayer of redemption again, mean it in your heart.)

Please be ready and stay safe!

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