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Crazy Lady Blocks Parking Garage!


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MissyNicki 2 years ago

I love how these identity thieves believe they are the real Hebrews, they are serpent people, Khazarian ashkenazi converts, they are not the real mccoy. She is a wealthy junkie, which makes her the real trash, another opioid addicted caucasian, LOL.

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(Lita Michelle) This Woman is off her meds,and I would've sprayed her Ass with mace if she would've got in my face like that

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Unknown 333
Unknown 333 2 years ago

Me too.

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TXroseRN 2 years ago

I keep mace in a pretty sparkly little can that perfectly fits in my pretty little hands.

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IHateYouTube 2 years ago

Conjunction Junction what's her Function???? Why???

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Unknown 333
Unknown 333 2 years ago

She’s insane

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