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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 29 days ago

If black people are still blind enough to believe, that most of these unsolved drive-bys and hood murders of especially black males, when no one is ever caught, they are fools. Just like when our people were enslaved and under the tyranny and oppression of the Pharaoh in Egypt, he put out a decree to his soldiers, to go thru the city and kill all the Negro (Israelite) black males 2 years and under, but spare the females. They are doing the same thing today, only much worse because now those of us THEY don't kill, they are using demonic spirit invoking, drugs and witchcraft on empty vessel black people, to make black men and women destroy themselves and even their own children. For this cause and the astounding rate of black on black violence, the cops and gov't can hide behind that veil, kill a multitude of black people and by using the news media, social media (which they own and control), they can still make it appear as if all these shootings and murder cases, is black on black hood violence and get away with it. The sad and pathetic thing about that is most black people will believe it's all black on black hood violence because massa said so. That's the effects of 'Battered Slave Syndrome". They don't believe jack unless their devil spawned massa says so and it's nauseating. If we knew the true number of black people these savages have murdered in this way, it would probably make our head spin around. I just hope you are not falling for the kool aid like the black majority.

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 29 days ago

They are off duty KKKops using those real life looking mask that look like black people, they even have the black gloves that look like a whole black person S

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