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don't call me nigger.mp4

03 Mar 2020

now I don't know what happened here.And if he called this guy nigger, well he asked for it. But as I have said so many times . Black people do shit and want the world to know who they are, so they film themselves in the act whether right or wrong, and then the police knows just who they are and come find them. when this guy knocked this fool out , he should have walked the other way , but instead he wants to show the world and stays there to film it plus someone else is filming this and he doesn't tell them to blot out his face. Now the story says this guy is supposedly an off duty white cop. If thats the case , i'm afraid brother man is in for a world of trouble , and all because he just had to film it and let his face be filmed for the world to see. And it don't matter what the white guy said or did. Black is always wrong in amerika

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pettiford36 3 months ago

He will be ok!

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mindblade70 3 months ago

he got DEEEBOED!!!

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Blacktivated Melanin
Blacktivated Melanin 3 months ago


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BConscience 3 months ago

I got'cha ya'll bro. NEED more like him willing and ABLE 2 get each other's back. ALSO. Know thiswas gonna happen when that yt boy Tyson won that fight. Caucs start getting that big head.

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