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10 Animals that Kill Natures Scariest Animals

13 Views· 08/03/20
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Nobody wants to ever cross paths with dangerous, scary animals. If it comes to it, the average person may not survive a showdown with some of these dangerous animals. But some animals are more or less dangerous than the others and these ones we will love because they eat the animals we do not like as snack. The saying "My enemy's enemy is my friend" comes to mind. For every animal you are scared of, there is at least one other animal that scares the one that scares you. And the thing about these animals is that they are the ones you least expect. We will be checking out those animals in this video and just how they help you get rid of those scary animals.

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Number 10. The Wasp killing the Tarantula

About 99 percent of humanity dreads the tarantula. This hairy arachnid that is usually found in trees, wood sheds, cradles, on the ground all over the place and even in sleeping bags is not an animal that a lot of people can relate with. And nothing will feel better than seeing it get crushed or get killed. Its only nemesis is the wasp, which stings it and leaves it writhing in pain. This does not mean that anybody loves seeing a wasp flying around, but knowing a wasp can give the tarantula problems. Only the tarantula should be scared because if it might end up in the wasp's nest and get eaten slowly to everyone's delight.

Number 9. The Pink Dolphin killing Piranha Flesh

The Pink dolphin might appear all cute and bunny-like, but beneath all that softness is an unquenchable hunger for piranhas. While Piranhas are prancing about in the waters digging their teeth into the skin of hapless water adventurers and living up to their reputation as the most unapologetic flesh-eating freshwater fish, the pink dolphin only needs to open its mouth and swallow the piranhas in one fell swoop. The pink dolphin has a brain 40 percent bigger than that of humans, and its very pink color makes it look harmless. But it is very skilled at hunting, and it enjoys snacking on piranha flesh.

It possesses a flexible neck and body, which are responsible for its easy movement and maneuvering through tree trunk and branches at the bottom of the Amazon. This is particularly sad for piranhas as they have developed a survival tactic in which they swim in groups so that they do not get eaten by this adorable pink monster. However, this does not stop the pink assassins from gobbling down as many piranhas as they want, no matter how many they are. Even if the piranhas are nested somewhere in the corners of a large lake, these pink dolphins still go in search of them.

Number 8. Honey Buzzard killing the Asian Giant Hornet

The Asian giant hornet is a highly feared insect capable of bringing down large animals and kill scores of helpful insects at a go. No animal can survive the neurotoxins that the giant hornet secretes, and a single sting from the hornet is capable of bringing just about any animal to its feet. It is known as the "yak-killer hornet," which means it pretty much has nothing to fear, and the confidence level is high. To give a clearer picture of how scary the giant hornet is, it has once been declared to be one of the most horrifying bugs on earth.

So, when a random bird comes along in a honey buzzard and starts popping these bugs like popcorns, there is a lot of reasons to be jubilant. The Honey Buzzard is a big bird in itself, and one might think it will be unable to withstand the stings of the giant hornet because even bigger animals have fallen after a single sting. But the honey buzzard has proved to be the only natural predator capable of clipping the stinger of Asian giant hornets. The whole of Asia needs to thank the honey buzzer for keeping the ecosystem intact and protected from being overrun by these hornets. The honey buzzard has a coat made of feathers that can withstand the stings from the giant hornet. When the hornets have tried unsuccessfully to sting the buzzard, the buzzard starts picking them one after the other starting from the young ones. It does not only make a meal out of them, but it also damages their base of operations and leaves them hapless and confused.

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