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01-26-2021 Mount Shasta, CA - Major Winter Storm Shuts Down 100 Miles of Interstate 5

Above All That Drama

Interstate 5 has been closed for a 100 mile stretch between Hornbrook and Redding California due to the major winter storm impacting the area. We were able to document the interstate conditions just before it was closed. The blizzard scenes were shot near Weed, Ca. The rest of the scenes were shot in and around the town of Mount Shasta. Shot List. 0:00-0:10 Blizzard conditions with a vehicle shining it's headlights on the intense blowing snow. 0:11-0:20 Whiteout conditions on i-50:21-0:30 Car with spinning tires in the snow, people trying to push the vehicle. 0:31-0:58 Tractor plowing snow. 0:59-1:09 Man shoveling snow around his car with heavy falling snow. 1:10-1:25 Heavy falling snow falling around a well lit Gas Station, deep snow in the parking lot. 1:26-1:38 Intense conditions on i-51:39-2:01 More snowy scenes in i-52:02-2:07 i-5 sign with Redding south, north Portland and snow blowing. 2:08-2:17 Snow blowing past a gas station 2:18-2:27 Blizzard conditions on i-5. 2:28-2:33 Snow plow plowing snow. 2:33-2:44 Man standing in blowing snow.

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