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Metamorphosis of Lies For Negroes- A reply(1)

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The Metamorphosis of Lies for Negroes -A Reply (1)

In this video, we continued our response to a comment that tried to suggest that a bunch of Priests numbering less than 20 could have sold millions of Negro slaves in the perspective of today. We also tried to examine the prevailing circumstances of today and the atrocities of the slave hunting army now called Nigerian army.

In a nutshell, the slave master and his foot soldiers as well as his collaborators like the non Negroes work hard to ensure that the wrong people are accused of an atrocity they committed and also work together to continue Negro slavery and subjugation.

Please watch the video and remember to leave comments especially where you disagree. We welcome criticisms more than anything else and we suggest you to follow the slave masters media with caution.

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For those that have supported us, we say thank you

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