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No One Cries For Our Pain

African Diaspora News Channel

This sista spoke the truth about the recent school shootings

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7SCAPESINC 1 year ago

Wow you are beautiful
If ever in Vegas let’s do lunch

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Darylifillifill 2 years ago

Thank You for speaking that Truth Queen Beauty

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Fedora 2 years ago


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AndreToppinJr2000 2 years ago

Yes we are highly intelligent, spiritual, and natural beings. Shout out to this sista.

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AndreToppinJr2000 2 years ago

This beautiful Goddess is exactly right about those Neander CraKKKas. No one will ever feel our pain. Our babies get killed and tortured all the time and get sterilized. No one comes to our defense. Peace to this Goddess

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Peace1 2 years ago

Right ! They just sterilized 500 000 kenyan women because they know that in about 2100 black africans will be the biggest population. The war has begun

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