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Neanderthal SAVAGES attack Woman over Toilet Paper.

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
18 Mar 2020

Lady defends herself against italian/latino neanderthals in savage attack over toilet paper but unlucky for them their white privilege ends when the east indian owner of the store steps in...
The neanderthal females had an entire cart filled with big square 24 roll packs which amounted to 120-144 rolls of toilet paper. A woman just wanted just one and asked to share. The neanderthal female wouldn't share and that is when the neanderthal females daughter attacked the Lady and the fight ensued. The manager of the store came over, called the police, and confiscated all of the packs. The neanderthal females were arrested for disturbing the peace. The police report says that the white Officers were called to a store in Chullora, in the south west of Sydney,Australia on Saturday morning following reports of an altercation.

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