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Security Guard Was Racially Profiled By White Mall Security

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
15 Apr 2019

Chris Sellers a Security Guard is wondering if he was racially profiled by white male Ross Park Mall security last night when they stopped him on his way to work.

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BConscience 10 months ago

Here's a case of slitting Ur own throat. Ppl SHOP @ the Mall. When WE don't feel safe.... WE stop going. And WTF is this Mall cop gonna do when shops got no customers 2 pay 4 his services?

ONLINE SHOPPING is the way 2 go.

FUCK THESE CAUCS and their wanna lackys.

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Hebrewthruandthru 10 months ago

Angry because he is working. Not fitting the lie they put on our men of being lazy shiftless and jobless. This man is just trying to get to work and they got the Klu Klux Klan pack trying to intimidate him. Yahuah is going to rain hot sulfur and coal on their heads. Racists, you better repent and do right before the Messiah comes back or that’s you A!

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LeeMay 10 months ago

YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT BLACK MAN. Yes, he was intentionally racially profiled and the mall knows it. There is a video wherein white women proved blatant racial profiling of Black men wearing hoodies were purposefully discriminated against. The women tested this via of wearing hoodies themselves and never stopped. All on camera. The camera is our best defense and the best route to take in terms of a lawsuit. SUE HIT THEM IN THE POCKET. THEY WORSHIP MONEY.

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