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Why Do Asian People Keep Following Black People.....

Everybody Hates Angel

...... Especially when it's white people that keep stealing
Story Time
The videos I mentioned, are below and definitely worth watching. I’d appreciate if you checked them out and also shared.

“Stop supporting asian businesses”

“Why I hate white people”

“White people exposed”

“All white people are racist”

“Biracial children with racist white parents”

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UnivHair Soleil
UnivHair Soleil 1 year ago

Hi ! I grew up in Guadeloupe which is in the Caribbean and a lot of Chinese people have stores there. I remember going to a Chinese store with a friend and they confiscated our handbags. This was hard to experience that because they make you feel less as a person.

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Shinnlei 1 year ago

Unfortunately, we will continue to deal with these type of people. Because, until black people have their businesses to shop at this is what will happen

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Kemetgod 1 year ago

We had no friends simple

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