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although this is horrible, expect more. repercussions.mp4

05 Nov 2019

As I said this is horrible, and it shouldn't have happened. But i'll tell you where some of this attitude came from, and its no fault of these kids nor these people. This was just a hateful ignorant person who was accommodated by the people working there , at the expense of these people. Now I said that , but if you remember , this guy had a group of black kids coming into a restaurant. Now I don't know how many of you pay attn, but every time you see a video, its a group of niggas ( not these people) clowning and fighting in mcdonalds, walgreens, denny's , malls , chuck -e-cheese, theatres ,parties, gatherings, etc. etc. and just about any place. So what can one expect when they see a group f black folk coming. They assume the worse because of the shit these other fools keep putting out on video along with the media. As I said in the title, you can expect more of this. these are the repercussions that decent black people have to endure because of the actions of ignorant ass negroes who don't give a damn about anything or respect themselves or anyone else. Now these little kids had to suffer for their actions. It's truly sad, but nobody wants to be around us, even our own

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8 months ago

Their food is shit anyways

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