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Disgusting moment woman throws her poop at Tim Horton's worker

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Published on 16 May 2018 / In People & Blogs

Disgusting moment an angry woman poops on the floor inside a Tim Horton's and throws feces at workers in Langley, BC.

Hortons sees a poo! Disgusting moment a woman poops in the middle of a Canadian restaurant and then hurls it at an employee
Video shows a woman arguing with an employee of a Tim Hortons in Canada
She then grabbed a few napkins and pooped in the middle of the floor
Within a few seconds, the woman is seen hurling the poop at the employee
The woman was arrested and released by police; it's unclear if she'll be charged

This is the disgusting moment a Canadian woman pooped in the middle of a Tim Hortons before throwing it at the restaurant's staff.

In a video, the woman was seen arguing with a restaurant employee for about 20 seconds before she decided to empty her bowels.

She then grabbed a few napkins and stood in the middle of the floor.

The woman was still arguing with the cashier as she proceeded to take off a jacket that was tied around her waist and pull down her pants.

It was then that the woman leaned her buttocks against a wall in the restaurant and pooped on cue.

The employee is seen standing next to her as he calls his police, but quickly moves away when the feces dropped.

She then quickly picked up the droppings and hurled it at the employee.

It's unclear if the poop landed on him.

The woman then continues to berate the employee as she wipes her buttocks with napkins.

And apparently hurling the excrement at the worker wasn't enough because she then threw the dirty napkins at the man.

Meanwhile, diners didn't seem bothered by the whole ordeal.

It's unclear what drove the woman to the revolting act.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police later confirmed that the woman had been arrested and released.

In Canada, if a person commits an indecent act in a public place with the intent to insult or offend any person, that individual could be found guilty of an indictable offence that would carry a prison term of not more than two years.

But despite that law, no charges have been brought against her. The woman will have to appear in court at a later date.

Authorities said they are reviewing the incident and will determine if the woman will be charged.

The woman has not been identified by authorities.

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Mario_Oliver 7 days ago

Disgusting. And they want to say they are civilized...

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Delightful Baby
Delightful Baby 7 days ago

Yeah, exactly.

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ceejay 7 days ago

Yes, present them in their true light, not this fake hollywierd doctored image of them, but the real cave version

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Delightful Baby
Delightful Baby 7 days ago


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westwood123xfan 7 days ago

Those species need to go back to the Russian Caucasus Mountains and have the rocks trap them there in their CAVES for eternity.

P.S. Let the Bed Bugs eat them alive. Opps I forgot, that species of CAVE BEASTS with maggot brains ARE BED BUGS!!!!!

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westwood123xfan 7 days ago

One word. CAVE BEASTS.

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Ali2018 8 days ago

Did you notice how NOT ONE OF THOSE WHITES IN THE STORE DID/SAID NOTHING? That nasty troglodyte had time to take a DUMP, ON CAMERA AND THROW IT AT THE MAN. ANIMALS DO THAT. And the worker got out of camera range and just took it. They are totally deranged. I would not be surprised if she is free, walking around with poo hands that touch that poo face or other things. Question: if she had been black... (yup)

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