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the same useless ass marching the same investigstion, only the person is different.mp4

14 Oct 2019

The girls body aint cold, and we have 4 preachers, jean bothams lawyer,the same civil rights leaders,the same marching to the highway, the same apology, but at least the police and the public admit there was no warning, just shoot. Now everybody is trying to find an excuse , at least the police are . Black people know already. And that is these police are trained to shoot any black person in a situation like this, no matter armed unarmed man woman child grandparents . Now they keep mentioning her gun, which is totally irrelevant , but if they mention "her gun" enough the white people and the police will come to a conclusion . Although its a tragic accident,the officer in proper training ( for niggers that is ) perceived a threat and defended himself. but we'll see

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