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Mid Term results: Swirler who picked beckky over black women loses to white woman in election race

Black Global Village
Published on 07 Nov 2018 / In News & Politics

Swirling Republican Senatorial candidate John James who chose becKKKy over a black woman loses election...to a white woman. Here he spoke to his supporters shortly before it was announced that Democrat Debbie Stabenow won re-election to the U.S. Senate on Tuesday night.

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ihateyoutube 8 days ago

He looks and sounds so damn MOIST. Hell, the cave monkeys can keep his fruity ass.

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LeeMay 9 days ago

He sounds like a fool, that explains why he is with Becky because he is a fool. Look at his audience, all white. He is delusional and in a sunken place, poor thing. When Becky is tired of him, bye, bye. Just like Van Jones.

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Rowright 9 days ago

N that's what he gets. BUT he's a swirler. So this nigga won't get it.

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celebratedmonsters 9 days ago

Good, I don't even need to see it. B1

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