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White Daycare Worker Accused Of Breaking 2-Month-Old Black Baby's Bones

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
10 Dec 2018

Jessica Joy Wiese, 44, was arrested and booked into the Collin County Jail for Injury to a Child.

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#XLastXOneX 4 months ago

Maggotskins do as Maggotskins does....

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miss_lili_what 4 months ago

Wow. Just sad.

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MelaNation X
MelaNation X 5 months ago


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iniko_x 5 months ago

of course her child wasn’t aware of her racism. how believable.

she is obviously a wicked woman! one look should tell you that.

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ForgetUyoutube 5 months ago

Dam it's very hard to kno if your infant has a broken bone

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