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A Black-owned Talc Free Alternative To Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

24 Dec 2020

Peace subscribers! In light of so many lawsuits being hurled at Johnson and Johnson due to their talcum based powders, I wanted to share with you all a Black-owned talcum free alternative that I highly recommend called Powder Power. https://powderpower.co/collections/all

According to Powder Powder website, "“Baby Powder is asbestos free,” Johnson & Johnson said in a lawsuit in 1999. Yet here we are 29 years and hundreds of lawsuits later discovering that J&J lied about the presence of a carcinogenic substance called asbestos that contaminated its talc that has been in its baby powder products since the 1970’s. Three independent studies that they hid revealed this death blowing secret with one independent study reporting that they had found levels that were ‘rather high’ according to an article in the Washington Post. Recent lawsuits since the 2000’s against the giant company accuse their popular asbestos infested talcum baby powder of causing ovarian cancer....This is one of the reasons why we created Powder Power, an all natural hand crafted and custom made powder line that uses nature based ingredients (bentonite clay, tapioca, arrowroot and essential oils)."

This video is a review of some of their products by Nyah Khadijah Tsai. Here's the original link: https://youtu.be/plkJKwiLKY0

Order at https://powderpower.co/collections/all

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