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(BHI) My testimony part one

08 May 2020

I am working on my autobiography. I am preparing an introduction to my autobiography c/o a podcast called Scott Survivor. This is scheduled to debut online summer, 2020. It will describe some of the trauma I have experienced in my life. It won't over-emphasize my spirituality or my Israelite identity. However I have been journaling my spiritual growth at The Black Messiah channel for the last two years. Videos are archived in private mode at the moment.

I woke up considerably late, in 2017. This particular video gives a rough summary of how being in touch with Yahusha during these last days (last few years) has completely transformed my mind.
Chicken before the egg?

(BHI Recommended Channels)
I have gone from 500 channels to approximately 5. If you pay attention you'll note the Hebrews I follow are not necessarily on the same page.

*Awake Oh Ministries

Yona Golab

Stephen Darby Ministries

HalleluYah HalleluYah

Ayaba G

Myra Waiters

Everyone is completely different. My story is unique. My testimony is for Yahusha. He is the only reason I am still alive.

satan is another 1
I feel differently about each of these Rulers

2/3 are doomed. Ya' think?

My testimony part one

A) My family is dead to me
B) I am in repentance mode which is very painful but worth it
3) The principalities we are fighting: anti-Christ, pedophile-sympathizing, woman hating (woman beating), hypocrites

"I lived in sin for 40 years"

The LGBTQ acceptance agenda is insidious. Anything offensive to TMH should be equally offensive to man.

'I hate satan."
Do you hate satan?

Earth is a lot like hell

"I was rescued from hell previously because I was a magnanimous character."

Do not try to rescue evil people. Only Yahusha can save them!

I pray for family, friends, loved ones and allies every night the same way they should pray for me. Amen

I hope everyone I trespassed against will forgive me. I am sorry.

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