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rapper my ass. rapist thug is more like it.mp4

07 Dec 2019

This is a lot of what happens to the young girls that disappear in black neighborhoods. But a lot of mfs so fucked up with this street cred bullshit , they turn a blind eye to shit like this right next door or in their own homes, and these girls wind up dead. Also how in the fuck does a 14 yr old disappear and nobody is looking. And if they are, the police sure aren't, because they know there will be no cooperation from da hood, so they don't care after a while. But predators like this should be executed by the people and the courts. This mf was doing nothing but pimping weak ass girls , and or giving protection to others. But this is where a lot of these missing girls are. And the parents that are looking for their child seriously, I hate to say, but it's mfs like this, that has snatched up your little girl and either has her hid in one of those fucked up we don't snitch neighborhoods in your city, or out of state in another we don't snitch in da hood areas

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