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The Black Authority's Manhattan Billboard...

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
08 Aug 2020

I went past this sign so many times and I read it at some points, but I thought nothing or it. It is poorly constructed and serves WHAT purpose? it looks like one of those old MS Word pamphlets people used to make. Since I was riding by there again, I figured if I could get the phone out, I'd put it on... THIS time - I was fast enough.

I was coming from Long Island - where I scored another, great, SECOND HAND (for those C-00's who hate), GPU in which I save hundreds! It was one hell of a one of a kind deal! I'm glad that I did not hesitate and took it!

Hello. Any donations can be made via Google Pay! Thanks.


To: alquanspeaks@gmail.com

Cash app: https://cash.app/$Alquanr


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