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India declared COVID FREE after treating patients with IVERMECTIN

12 Oct 2021


⁣India declared COVID FREE after treating patients with IVERMECTIN

"⁣No double jabs, no effing BOOSTER shots, India has declared itself covid free after treating all it is patients with ivermectin, a safe and extremely cheap drug that the Western countries don't want to adopt as they are in the pockets of the corrupt PHARMA industry."

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lazmor 2 months ago

don't believe that lie. indian govt gives less than a fuck abut their people. their system is based on colorism caste and money. look at the difference between india and china. same amount of people same area in the world , both nuclear powers , yet finding a decent place to take a crap is near to impossible in most places in india. so they tell you they gave their people horse tranquilizer, its probably true. but one final thing . the most horrendous birth defects happen in india, and you wonder why. no dont believe this lie. they will under report and by force and threat of death keep the populace uiet

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