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Blaxit Movement
Blaxit Movement
28 Jan 2020

Bla Xit family thank you for your ongoing support our Bla Xit family is growing and we are getting more connected. We are really getting to know each other . I am meeting new members of the family every week at Bla Xit Link Up and at our Head Quarters in Kololi. As you know I like to party and enjoy myself, so I have taken you out with me to a Wakanda Night in Senegambia. courtesy of Secret Rendezvous CEO Sophine & Judith Jones of Gam Jam Fest . We catch up with Matthew from Hypolink who has several exciting excursions and trips coming up that I am planning to join him on. We are also planning a pool party could be for my birthday in March. Also the planning of the Trip to Sierra Leone with Dynast Amir from Search for Uhuru and Zina Craft is in full flow, I will be sharing about early bird tickets very shortly. Thanks you for your ongoing support and we really love being a part of such a wonderful Family. Bla Xit family everyday I meet new members so all I can say is thank you so very much. Please continue to support us as we are appealing for endorsements and sponsors of our channel. You can donate using Paypal at BopCollective@yahoo.com Or Western Union if you wish to use that please email us at blaxithome@gmail.com Please watch share and subscribe and watch please give us a thumbs up too. We love you all so much and we appreciate you all. A special shout out to our supporters and donors.. Thank you to Matthew from Hypo Link book your luxury apartment and get a good deal by letting us know you want to stay at Hypolink via blaxithome@gmail.com Thanks for a great night Sophine. You can contact Sophine by joining Secret Rendevous on FB.

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BiblicalHebrewAwakening 12 months ago

That was cool to see... love seeing our black faces having a good time.

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