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How to start building on vacant Lots-New construction

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
28 Jun 2020

Check out Gregs 1st interview about being a full time WHOLESALER:
What do I look for when I want to build a new construction house on a vacant lot. Today I get the pleasure of looking at some land with another world class real estate investor, Greg Hucks. He called me to look at this lot because I've done several new construction house flips and he wants to do one of my favorite things in the world, EXPLORE POSSIBILITIES!
Since Greg is kind of new to the new construction world, he told me he'd like to do a partnership and bring me in to help get the job done. What are some of the things we look for when buying vacant lots?? You better know what you're doing w/ land because costs can really start to stack up. Today we'll walk the land to determine the size and look at the area and go over a few items we need even before we buy the land. So get out there and make some mistakes and don't be closed to JV, Joint Venture Deals.

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