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The Reason for Vegan | Real Food for Thought

Dru Story News
Dru Story News
12 Jan 2018

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The Reason for Going Vegan

This isn’t to preach to anyone, but to share the reasons why I went vegan and to share the reasons veganism is as a good life decision. There are lots of things people should know before stubbornly committing to a way of life without ever challenging what they know, why they do the things they do, or why they even like the things they like. This goes for being vegan as well as living a life as an omnivore. Our culture is something we are socialized into. But part of living our lives entails growing, learning new things, listening to other schools of thought and challenging the things we do. Veganism and vegetarianism are not just diets, but are ways of life worth diving deep into to the see the pros and cons. The same should be done for eating meat.

Meat eaters beware, as this may disturb your comfort. However, a more powerful question is, “If the truth about something you do may disturb you, should you even be doing it?” No pun intended, but that is definitely powerful “food for thought”. Regardless, veganism and why it is a path I chose is explained.


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