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Police bodycam footage of Devon Bailey's death gives rise to more questions

16 Aug 2019

The Bailey family's lawyer says the 19-year-old black man, who was shot in the back while running from police and died at a hospital later on, was unarmed.


aren't you negroes tired of the same old shit. mf shoots your kid, mom, or dad, in the back while they're running away, and the only thing you sorry ass niggas can do is the same shit. Go ask them why, which you know they'll say he had a gun, run to the news, who really don't give a fuck after 2-3 days if that long, go have protest , march pray sing,,cop gets paid leave or desk duty, go get a lawyer, who'll tell you everything is going to work out in your favor,it's a good case,we have the video, go to court 3 yrs later, if not longer, settle for a few mil, cop in the meantime has been cleared by his dept or their union, because every white mf,,and the govt says he shouldn't have ran, so its justified to shoot a nigga , oops black in the back (their thoughts) and you folks take their little blood money ( not near enough) and you go on about your business thinking all white people aint bad (they aint) and there are some decent white cops out there (noot for devonn, and then you even might say some silly ass shit like ,I 4give him, or god gonna get him, or something to that degree,.Take your money ,. Buy a car, or new house, but don't dare ever think about finding you some folks or you yourselves posse' up and go kill him and his family. Because after all vengeance is mine, thus says their god.oh and excuse me for calling you niggas at the beginning of this post. I did that so maybe some of you would in his family would get mad and do something different. But I 4got who I was talking to . my bad

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