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The Red Record: The Texas Lynch Law/ Gun Snatchers

28 Oct 2019

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The Red Record: The Texas Lynch Law

We always give our oppressors forgiveness and passes. Back in 1919 a brother had a relationship with a white woman and it lead to the Longview Race Riot of 1919. A black man Lemuel Walters was beat up by 2 white boys because of his relationship with their sister. Eventually he was killed. When the story was published in the Chicago Defender a brother Samuel Jones was blamed. Dr Calvin Davis tried to help him and they were both attacked. His father in law Marion Bush was also attacked and killed. Meanwhile in San Antonio a sister Natalie Simms was harrassed as she was waiting on her friend by San Antonio police. Officer Mara Wilson stripped seached her in front of 5 male cops on the side of the road. She pulled out this woman tampon and never found any drugs. In Bastrop, Texas another brother Rodney Reed was put on death row for having an affair with a white woman Stacey Stites. She was engaged to a cop Jimmy Fennell and he eventually did 10 years for raping another woman while he was on duty.

The Red Record: Gun Snatchers

The have always regurgitated the same talking points. He reached for my gun and i feared for my life. Back in 1962 Corporal Roman Ducksworth was shot and killed by a cop in Mississippi officer William Kelly when he was on his way to visit his wife. In Linwood, Pa a brother Darren Williams was shot by police outside of the courthouse after he was arrested for a DUI. In both cases they claimed these brother were reaching for a gun after they were attacked. The D.A Katayoun Copeland was already caping for these cops.

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