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come all the way from africa to get killed here

22 Apr 2021

⁣WARNING : DEATH BY POLICE every encounter with police , from traffic to domestic ,to well being check. the black person dies.came all the way from africa, to get killed by the white police 4/10/2021. I guess a lot of black immigrants don't understand. when you are in your homeland the police usually look like you and aren't as quick to use deadly force. But you a lot not all come to amerika , and think because you live around the whites and smile with them , they will treat you as a white. that can be deadly as this fellow found out. I won't blame the wife for calling the police, he shouldn't have hit her. but thats another story for another day . so to all black immigrants, don't get it twisted. because you come here and say i'm from africa or some other country and you live among the whites, you are still nothing but target practice for them . moreso because you came that far and can live as good or better than them, really pisses them off. you should still be in the jungle or whatever they think of your country, and therefore they don't see you as human but a wild animal, that needs to be put down if not controlled

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 2 months ago

#Shared It is what it is. Great content Laz. https://anchor.fm/anchor-is-an....tiblackracist/episod

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