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STAY IN YOUR CLOSET! Hebrew confronts (white) jew with pink kippah for disrespecting God

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
11 Sep 2019

As our people grow sick and tired of the Neanderthal hybrid's behavior a man from the diasporia most likely of Ethiopian american Hebrew descent confronts the fake false people who also claim the religion who are known as jews and demands that he take off his pink yarmulke, also known as a kippah, and claiming that he was desecrating the name of God by wearing it.

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mickybricks 6 months ago

Faggots need to be erased

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

That's Classic

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David01 6 months ago

00:32 "Stay in your closest and make sure your closet is in another closet" Homeboy wasn't playin lolol

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Black Global Village
Black Global Village 6 months ago

Notice he didn't refute what the Hebrew Man was saying. These culture vultures are never versed in the knowledge and culture that our people started. Even when they have totally whitewashed it, it can not stand up to the Black truth. It is good that the house of Beta Israel also known as the Hebrews of Ethiopia speaking out.It is good to see all Black people speaking and charging against white tyranny like Tyrone Mohammed did..the rising is happening slowly and surely but it is happening.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 6 months ago

White ppl. stupid as hell....Now why would you say, "I'm gay" to a mofo chargin' atchu cause you white wearin' his hood colors? He just added fuel to the fire with

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