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R.I.P. Robert Mugabe (1924-2019) The Igbo (Negro) People Of Africa Is a Blessing

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
19 Sep 2019

The passing of Rober Mugabe (1924-2019) is a tremendous lost as the Igbo people of Nigeria continue to be slaughtered and oppressed by white colonizers and traitorous Igbo politicians.

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lazmor 8 months ago

when those negros get enough and start asking for our help , tell them fuck them. those coon mfs still love the white mans dirty draws solet them niggas all die. unless the ones who care rise up and kill the traitors and their fams , then aint shit we can do

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sly35965 11 months ago

"Greetings, R.I.P....Brother - For Those Whom Is Connected To The Creator/Universe, Death Is Just An Expression Of Spiritual Freedom Share...Thanks."

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commonman80 11 months ago

Great Video.. Thanks...

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