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Vaccines for the Gender-Neutral Society: May the Truth Be Spoken?

11 Aug 2021

⁣Vaccines for the Gender-Neutral Society: May the Truth Be Spoken?

*******ALERT! ALERT!***PathwaytoFreedom says:⁣
Although he speaks a lot of truth it is laced with a few flies of racism. He assumes Africans /blacks aren't vaccinated altho Africa has long been the testing ground for vaccines. That's my main disagreement. He also has race mixing concerns that don't bother me except it often gets coupled with oppressive forms of anti black racism in the long run that blacks are taught and urged not to prepare for. And are kept from preparing for. He also tends to generalize about feminism which in some ways has been positively applied and needed, but is often washed over as entirely evil by society, which is misogynist. To the point in the attitude of some it's almost criminal for some women (esp if black )expects any sort of protection or dignity. The rest of what he's saying about the gender neutrality agenda is onpoint.*******************

"⁣The aggressive push for covid vaccines, now for children, as expected, coincides with incessant media propaganda for the coming gender-neutral society. I’m here to tell you nothing is a coincidence, and that the vaccines have something to do with making kids gender-neutral.

Read more https://www.jmk.info/p/vaccines-for-the-gender-neutral-society"

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