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Duchess Of Ratchetness Meghan Markle Turns Prince Harry's Life Upside Down

08 May 2020

Someone get Prince Harry a copy of STOP SIMPIN :

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cforge 2 months ago

Why do you care?

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2 months ago

The real issue is interracial dysfunction and can't be blamed on her solely. It was his decision, because he didn't make a stand for their relationship. And now he's the victim? He's the superior white man, remember? It goes to show you this is purely about interracial relationships/marriage instability. If the people in their position can't make it work, no wonder the others don't last - few want to talk about that. After these these "relationships" run foil, black men are not so useless anymore - this goes for when Becky has sucked the life out of a black man, then a sista ain't a "B" anymore.

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