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DADDY ISSUES. | How to Heal the Father Wound.


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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 1 month ago

I'd argue an absent father is more devastating than an absent mother. Just from my experience, I've seen many single fathers do a better job at raising their sons than a single mother could.

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1PathwaytoFreedom 1 month ago

I really think it depends on the father, considering if the mother is decent and committed to the children. In that case she is better single than to have a father in the house who is abusive and degenerate. There are too many cases primarily of men being the ones killing the women and the kids or being a child molester. Not saying women aren’t capable of doing those things too but it tends to be males in most cases, and when it happens, ppl blame the woman for choosing him and do not hold him solely accountable which encourages more men to be the same. And to make it worse the woman is made to feel by the black community as if she is the man’s mother which undermines his purpose and role as a man. It is up to the black community to be supportive of single mothers and encourage men to be responsible and respectful to them and the children. That does not mean they have to respect any misconduct she engages in anymore then they should respect misconduct among the males. But she and her kids should not be being distressed, robbed and exploited but should be protected and looked out for by the community. As we should all be doing for each other in a positive way as is taught and used to be practiced in decent black christian communities.

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