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Yemen - Collective failure, collective responsibility

13 Sep 2019

Yemen - Collective failure, collective responsibility.
Now I Want every black nation in the world and especially other parts of africa to pay attention. This is what amerika and mostly the white savages of europe have in store for all of africa. Any especially black country who doesn't see whats in store for you if you don't stop these bastards and throw them out of your country, you deserve whatever happens. These white devils mean you or me no good. and their day is coming for saudi arabia , don't worry. But what gets me is after a lot of those fools in africa, see what the white man does to everybody, and especially countries with a majority black population , and they still run their dumbasses away from their own into the hands of these savages, as though these white barbarians are going to treat their stupid asses better. But let those fools go . But the black people who stay , take back whats yours from these white loving politicians, and drive the white animal from africa. Or this is what your country will look like

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