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21 Aug 2019
simplest thing is black people quit sending your kids to these white run shitholes called schools. because as you can see every white devil commenting figures we black folk don't have rights and whatever someone tells us is law , and fuck us being able to show them where they were wrong. now all you white devils read this again . IT SAYS HAVING THE WRONG DRESS CODE IS NOT REASON FOR SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION. THATS WHY THE DAUGHTER WENT TO CLASS. WHY DON'T YOU EVIL DEVILS READ WHEN IT COMES TO US INSTEAD OF THINKING WE'RE ALL WRONG .And as you can see they have the 2 house negroes doing the dirty work . there was no need to put the dad in a choke hold. THIS IS WHY THE NEGRO COON COPS SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME ALONG WITH THE REST OF THESE BASTARDS. PEOPLE WE HAVE GOT TO GET OUR OWN SCHOOLS. NOW AS I said read the article and you'll see this wasn't necessary and the school was wrong for trying to expel the girl.

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commonman80 12 months ago

And Again. The Broken Black Woman Helping To Destroy Her Own.. Incredible.. We Have To Start Doing Something About These Broken DANGEROUS BLACK WOMEN TO OUR COMMUNITY.. Because No Matter What Happens To Them.. The Message Should Be Sent Out Loud And Clear.. They're STILL BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICA..

And? If We Don't Care For Them? No One Will.. Because These White Demonic Beasts Aren't Going To Risk Losing One Of Their Own Over ANY BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA.. To Include Their Pet Broken Black Women.. So If These Broken Black Women Start Turning Up DEAD OR MISSING? These Broken Black Women Will Start To Get The Point.. Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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