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Fatal Miscegenation/ Murdered Over Chicken

Published on 19 Nov 2019 / In Education

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Fatal Miscegenation:

History repeats itself. Back in 1910 a brother Allen Brooks was lynched after he was falsely accussed of raping a white baby. He was lynched in front of a crowd of 5000 then they took peices of the rope and even his body as a souvenir. In Oklahoma a 20 year old brother Albert Thomas and his cousin Dajon Ross was killed for dating a mexican girl by her dad. Manuel Quezade was charged with murder and his wife Angelica Quezada was charged with manslaughter.

Murdered Over Chicken:

This system is designed to keep us in poverty then punish us for being in poverty. They tell us pull ourselves up by the bootstraps but then target us when we do. In Mississippi back in 1961 a civil rights activist Herbert Lee was assassinated by a white state legislator E.H Hurst. He got 5 people to like and tesify for him. One of them Louis Allen felt guilty and recanted his story then he to was murdered. Yet today they still criminialize us and murder us for being in poverty they created. In Louisiana a brother Christopher Whitfield was killed by East Feliciana Parish Sheriff officer Glenn Sims Sr over chicken and eggs. This brother was mentally ill and was accused of taken food and chased and shot but no one was ever charged. Another cop Houston Frazee was there and the brother was also unarmed.

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