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Where Is Doug Jones Now?: Alabama Teen Is The New Rodney King

Nicole's View
Published on 29 Dec 2017 / In News & Politics

Ulysses Wilkerson's Brutal Beating Leads To Investigation Of Alabama Police Department:

https://www.essence.com/news/u....lysses-wilkerson-bru By: DJ Quads "Good Vibes"

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bphill21 5 months ago

Changing our collective situation begins (but does not end) with us individually. What are you doing daily to help destroy the system of racism and replace it with a system of justice? Every action you take either helps destroy the system or helps maintain it. It ain't gotta be big stuff. Spend a few more dollars with a Black business, put some or all of your money in a Black bank. Teach your children about their history and the evil system of racism.

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Petca 6 months ago

Where is Doug Jones? Where is #Blackwomen? After all only a few months ago people were rejoicing that #Blackwomen saved Alabama and saved America. Maybe no is the time for those #Blackwomen to get Alabama and America to do something. We got to make up our minds about who saved whom, who can save whom, and whether voting on the basis of race baiting and identity politics is a solution to our problems.

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fariygoddess1 6 months ago

thanks for doing an updated video! and the news didn't even mention the grandfather from india

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John Starkweather
John Starkweather 6 months ago

So sick of this shit! And don't expect Doug Jones to be some kind of white savior because he's too fuckin scared of the klan, or he's probably down with the klan, and just like always nobody will go to prison or be held accountable.

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CinnamonComplex 6 months ago

The rule should definitely be that if you don't live in the city for at least 3-5 Yeats, then you can't be an officer in that city. it won't work If you make it about race

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David 6 months ago

@CinnamonComplex: What does the number of years havt do with anything? I'm not trying to be rude but if someone hates you or is biased towards you it won't matter and time does not heal all wounds.

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Lawd_Have_Mercy 6 months ago

Quit allowing white race soldiers to police our communities! Protest all the way to City Hall to have whites banned from becoming cops. White's are ill-suited to handle any occupation that demands that they have to interact with black folk....period!

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BirdsEyePerch 2 months ago

On the entire face of the earth, there is no people that would have another nation (a self decleared enemy at that), roaming through your streets, stalking your every step, all the while calling themselves ..police! Christianity has pulled a sick veil over the peoples eyes, whereas the bible instructs you, saying, Be Ye Separate!

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