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Where Is Doug Jones Now?: Alabama Teen Is The New Rodney King

Nicole's View
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Published on 29 Dec 2017 / In News & Politics

Ulysses Wilkerson's Brutal Beating Leads To Investigation Of Alabama Police Department:

https://www.essence.com/news/u....lysses-wilkerson-bru By: DJ Quads "Good Vibes"

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John Starkweather
John Starkweather 19 hours ago

So sick of this shit! And don't expect Doug Jones to be some kind of white savior because he's too fuckin scared of the klan, or he's probably down with the klan, and just like always nobody will go to prison or be held accountable.

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Lawd_Have_Mercy 11 days ago

Quit allowing white race soldiers to police our communities! Protest all the way to City Hall to have whites banned from becoming cops. White's are ill-suited to handle any occupation that demands that they have to interact with black folk....period!

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David 13 days ago

The problem is that BLACK has now standing in law meaning if you identify as BLACK, COlORED, AFRICAN -AMERICAN, NEGRO ETC. you are not going to receive any justice but if you identify yourself by your true nationality i.e. a Hebrew from the Israelite nation, only then will you begin to get justice. Dane Calloway does a pretty good job of breaking this down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLXYKFltFV8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44X2A9v3lFw

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Ricky Tyson
Ricky Tyson 14 days ago

I'm a black cop and I seen my fellow white cops do dirty stuff out of spite to black people but when I do it to white people it's a problem turns out to be a lawsuit whatsoever and it was two black cops that beat up a white teenage boy shit we would have got 40 years in prison just like those two cops who shot up that truck with the right with the little white boy with blue eyes and blonde hair sitting in the backseat because of his father was not complying with law enforcement that got him that got his son killed those two cops were doing their jobs but they got prison time instead but let this be white cops who shot and killed a young black boy all those cops would have said it's Justified they were to go home and eat a sandwich I hope there's going to be more black judges and office so we can actually have an eagle justice system

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KD84 18 days ago

Doug Jones is team WS .. don't these folks get it by now? ALL politics go to hell!!! #BlackPower

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whassell 15 days ago

Yes indeed brotha

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