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Now it's Time To Help Maurice Hill


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mickybricks 5 months ago

That shit was staged as fuck
From when i,m hearing 6 kkkops shot and 6 kkkops live then they took the brotha in alive i wernt buying it.
Then i seen the video of them 2 kkops running to a car to put fake blood on their hands then to top it off it came of the brotha was a snitch

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BConscience 5 months ago

@1:32 Me 2. It was ALL STAGED 2 get sympathy back 2 the cops. See: how that PIG got 100 grand? Notice how ppl ALL OF A SUDDEN, seemed 2 have moved on 2 the next story.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Yup. WS GoFundMe has killed that and I did another one but named it differently. It wont take tracking tho and I wont be mad. I am tired of this double standard in our face day in day MF out with this clown cake bullshit from the Pinkertons and their Anti Black cohorts

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Kimathi100 5 months ago

Well said bro! Maurice is a Fxxxxxx HERO! ‘‘Tis a Pity he didn’t KILL any of those MuthaFxxxxxx PIGS!???? and those TACO MESTIZOS want EXTERMINATING along with the CRAKKKA Scum and YIDS they support against BLACK us!

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 5 months ago

Yup, scorch their asses out of here. And the fake jews are just white people from Russia and Turkey, the most high calls them the synagogue of Satan.

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