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Delusion of Inclusion Black Woman With Knife Gets Knocked Out By Heathen During Protests

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
21 Nov 2020

⁣Delusion of Inclusion Black Woman With Knife draping a cursed Ameriklan flag Gets Knocked Out By Heathen During Protests

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Manweller1 8 months ago

Let her demonic lesbian wife help her out. Not my problem. Keep it moving

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commonman80 8 months ago

Sorry To Say But? "SHE DON'T NEED NO MAN".. That Punch Was Weak.. But? It Took Her Out.. And? They Took The Knife... Maybe The Government Can Send Her A Check For Her And Her "Wife"... What Have We As Men "Done For Her Lately"... LOLOLOLOL!!! Welcome To The World "Scrong" Independent Black Woman.. LOLOLOLOL!!! Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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Azaliyah 8 months ago

Dayum that pink neanderthal knocked that sista for a loop. But this is what happens when you don't stay in your lane and want to get out in the trenches, with these crazy pink lab rats like a fool.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 8 months ago

I don't feel sorry for her even though that s**t the heathen did was foul, because she had no damn business out there, with those savage azz heathens draping that cursed Ameriklan flag.

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