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Chip stocks fall after more China companies added to US blacklist

21 Jun 2019

Chip stocks AMD and Micron are falling after news that the U.S. is adding more companies to the blacklist of Chinese companies that U.S. companies can't do business with. CNBC's Dom Chu reports.
I really wonder does this fool ass administration thinks the chinese buy that much tech from them when they are outpacing this backwards ass country in every tech field, and have partnered with african nations to get raw materials , and also have the means to either make the products in china or helping build companies in china and all throughout asia to satisfy their needs . This fool ass administration is only fooling the dumb fools who are ignorant and illiterate to think that suddenly things will be the way they were in their grandpappy's day . And all the while these people in this administration are investing in offshore markets that they know will profit and fill the void of whats left of the greedy amerikan market when someone else takes over, so they can sell you the very same shit, they denied you to buy during their reign of terror, but now are partnered with the very same people they told you fools were your enemies. Thats why if I were young and black , I would invest in the startup tech companies in africa. you've been told

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