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black people are a threat in their homes, so we sholud stop living .mp4

13 Oct 2019

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ok she was a perceived threat in her home and you shoot without hesitation. the woman didn't even get to speak. but lets go with the same ole march pray complain sing shit, and call some negro preacher, when you mfs should be shooting every mf you see for miles around. but you won't , you'll go to court in a yr or two, get some type settlement . he may or maynot go to jail. maybe fired, and get a job at another dept. and this will become justified.and niggas will keep killing niggas, cops will keep killing niggas niggas will keep marching and singing for niggas. aren't we tired of so much niggary where we're the only mfs dying. don't you think its time for others to become the niggas

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11 months ago

Nah, it’s just time to #StartHuntingThemAndTheirs

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