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Does humanitarian aid have a 'white saviour' problem? | The Stream

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

American missionary Renee Bach travelled to Uganda in 2007 when she was just 18 years-old and founded Serving His Children (SHC), a nonprofit organisation she said would help Ugandan women care for ill and malnourished children. Critics, though, say Bach, who had no experience in either development work or medicine, performed complicated medical procedures on hundreds of children.

In 2015, Ugandan authorities closed SHC's facility in the town of Jinja - where a number of children were reported to have died - but the organisation still operates in other parts of the country. A lawsuit brought by two women who say their children died under SHC’s care has been adjourned until January 2020, according to the Uganda-based legal services group Women’s Probono Initiative.

Bach’s case has again highlighted the issue of medical "voluntourism", while raising questions of whether some charities in the developing world have a “white saviour problem”. In response, Uganda-based social workers Olivia Alaso and Kelsey Nielsen began the No White Saviors campaign to educate and advocate for better practices in mission and development work.

In this episode, The Stream takes a look at why some Westerners get to work in the developing world without adequate experience, and what groups like No White Saviors are doing to hold them accountable.

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Cheesy 8 months ago

What more needs to happens to africans for them to realize that no-one out side of the African continent has there best interest at heart? These people come to the US and spew hate against the ADOS, but let the white "scientists" in their land and give them unfettered access to their children. Then wonder why this keeps happening.As if these people haven't used black Americans as guinea pigs. The self hate is too real.

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