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The Fraudulent Folklore

21 Apr 2019

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The Fraudulent Folklore:

We have to understand the times we are in and dispite history we give everyone else a pass but our own. In 1863 right after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation many riots broke out in America like the Draft Riots in New York. In Detriot there was the Detriot Race Riots of 1863. Already angry white lynch mobs attacked a man name William Faulkerner after he was falsely accused by a 9 year old Mary Brown. The white mob attacked black communities leaving 100s homeless and killing some including Joshua Boyd and William Faulkerner was sentenced to life. Years later the girl Mary Brown admitted she lied and 156 years later in the same state it still happens. Faith Gentry lied about a black cop pulling her over and giving her a ticket. The police force doesnt even have a black cop on the force. She was charged but just a slap on the wrist. They learn this from a young age a 10 year old in Florida made up a story about a black man trying to kidnap her because she said her friends dared her. Also officer Rachel Sorkow was brought up on a list of crimes including many racist ones. We need our own #metoo movement for people like her.

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