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White people can't hear you!!

Just Glowing
Just Glowing
21 Dec 2017

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blackme 2 years ago

they cant hear us because theyhave no souls or empathy.they dont see us as human so what happens to us does not trouble them. i dont waste my time on them or what they think or trying to change their minds.they dont give a shit about anyone else. their days are over and they dont care about who they take down with them.

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TXroseRN 2 years ago

I think we collectively have fallen into a generational trap of thinking, that is largely an obstacle to our advancement, that if we show our pain, white ppl will see how much we hurt, and in their humanity, stop practicing racism towards us. If we just connect with them in some way....same car, college degree, same job, same clothing , same house, same woman/man by our side, same devotion to country, same God...that somehow they would start to hear us and connect with us as human beings and end mistreatment towards us. It's not that they can't hear us. They understand racism VERY WELL. They aee not ignorant of what they are doing. The ppl you're trying to talk to, they're experts who have perfected their craft. Our mistreatment is what gives many of them a sense of self-esteem, so if they think equally of you, or if you catch yourself measuring equal to them on with job performance or world my goods...even if your marriage is going well and theirs isn't, their self-esteem is deflated. Ever noticed that if a black family can buy the same items those items are no long of high value? That's how they have itemized their own souls. You can't have value. What you have to say is absurd to them. That's why I say, stop talking to them. Actually, its time we move past the hurt of being ignored and dehumanize and turn to each other and show other black ppl love, humanity and respect.

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JackieLorraine 2 years ago

no spirit, they're deranged... weird creatures

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Team Spirit
Team Spirit 2 years ago

Whites don't have empathy just beast emotions like they'd eat the young if born stillborn and feel nothing!

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Diamondgirl08 2 years ago

I believe the Majority of White People are Mentally ill and it's a waste of time trying to have a reasonable, logical conversation with them because they truly don't GIVE A DAMN!

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