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Viral video of racial slur in Raleigh NC restaurant proves racism alive in U.S.

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
27 Jul 2019

Duke professor says people not remorseful about their racism, only about getting called out on it. A viral cellphone video showing a Raleigh woman using a racial slur during a confrontation at a North Hills restaurant is driving conversation nationwide about race relations in the U.S. in 2019.

Mark Anthony Neal, chairman of the African and African-American Studies Department at Duke University, said Thursday that Goodman's comment and attitude don't surprise him.

"There are still pockets of deep racism in this country," Neal said, "pockets, even here, even in 2019, in which people are still very comfortable using that kind of language to describe African-Americans."

Goodman's attempt to control the women's behavior is indicative of a recent trend nationwide, he said.

"We’re in a moment where there are a lot of random white citizens that have been attempting to police black behavior, whether it’s in a restaurant or a swimming pool or a Starbucks," he said.

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