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White Lady Says "N****" And Gets Beat Up!

Bon Bon
Published on 13 Feb 2018 / In People & Blogs

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Jean 5 months ago

Coon coon coon coon coon coon. Can should I say more???

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Bon Bon
Bon Bon 5 months ago

Maybe, yes.

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ihateyoutube 6 months ago

He ain't got his nigga moment yet! Still up there singing "we shall overcome someday", hell no! We will beat that ass THIS DAY!!!!

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MsNana YaBizNiz
MsNana YaBizNiz 6 months ago

Nigga they not getting along with us...what part of this dont he over ,inner outter, understand. He's a sympathizer ..He probably think slaver wasnt that bad. And that we can over here on work visas.
Its these type of mfs that wont let masa boot straps go.

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Jaygo 6 months ago

Niggas today are soft ass hell, this dude man.. Just hearing him saying what he say, I definitely would watch his a$$ like a hawk and not trust him. honestly he sound like a borderline coon.

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22429681 6 months ago

(Lita Michelle) Exactly King,He has Coonish thoughts

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 6 months ago

Good looking out my young king. He is still talking that holding hands and walking into the sunset together with the enemy bs, while they are steadily killing Negroes that look just like him? Let em' go ahead and see where he ends up. When TMH revealed to us who our enemies are, that they would never change and to separate ourselves to our own people, he's not playing around. He also warned us that if we were joined unto them, we would fall by the sword. I would say we have witnessed TMH keeping that word to the letter and it's only going to get worse.

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6 months ago

@Jaygo The nigga narrating the video sounds like a Coon trying to find the Black man within himself. I mean, he was told it was there, but he just can't seem to find it. All he had to say was: That White bitch deserved to get her ass beat!

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mickybricks 6 months ago

WOOP that crakkka Ass

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