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Toni Morrison & White Supremacy's Influence on Critically Acclaimed Black Literature

09 Aug 2019

Taking a critical examination of Black Literature It's not education it's indoctrination.

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Kimathi100 11 months ago

Well said! Your essay is EXCELLENT! and your summarisation of so called ‘black’ Literature is spot on! The NEGATIVE Themes and Character’s in those Works are CONTENTIOUS! Especially those dealing with Black Men, they PROPAGATE a very DANGEROUS MISREPRESENTATION! Alice Walker and Toni Morrison are but two of the WORST Offenders! Talk about “Throwing Black Men Under The Bus?” Their works are synonymous with the worst Aspects of this ANTI-BLACK MAN Agenda! The work you and others are doing to Counter BALANCE this situation is HIGHLY COMMENDABLE! Young BLACK MINDS should be Exposed to More POSITIVE and ASPIRATIONAL Black LITERATURE so as to instil in to them a REAL Sense of PRIDE and SELF ESTEEM!

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CharlesLINY1 11 months ago

I enjoy your "Critical examinations"!

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