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The Breakfast Club catching hands all week, first Kevin Samuels and Now Kwame Brown.

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
22 May 2021

Kwame Brown my new favorite YouTube personality.

First Kevin Samuels now Kwame brown roast the breakfast club relentlessly; have the Black gate keepers lost their control over the Black masses?

There was a time when in order to reach the masses you had to go through what I would referred to as Orthodox regulated media outlets. However since the uprising I.e. The onset of Facebook YouTube Instagram TickTock and other social media networks otherwise talented people, who had one time had no access To mass media are now able to respond immediately and swiftly to statements made by on air media types.

The breakfast club a popular radio broadcast sponsored by iHeartRadio and based in New York was considered the heart and soul of the community. However it would appear that they are out of touch with the masses of the people. It would appear that the people actually harbor some resentment and distain for the characters Angela E Dj Envy and Charlemagne the God. Not only that they are voicing this distain using YouTube Instagram Facebook etc.

The question that we have to ask ourselves is whether or not the gate keepers installed by the dominant Society are failing to do their job. Their job being to keep the masses of people under control, maintain the narrative And bully the masses of the people into conforming to the theme that the dominant society puts forth.

One of those main things being black men are bad even if they’re good something Kwame brown specifically addressed in his rant. Let’s analyze Kwame Brown’s words and try to figure out together where this is going.






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