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Black Man Delivers The Fists Of Justice To White Nationalist

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Published on 26 Dec 2017 / In News & Politics

White nationalist thought he could challenge a brother. That brother gave him the fists of justice.

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bc1234 20 hours ago

Things are a lot different when they don't have whips and chains. Now that's the fist of fury, salute my brother.

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Thatgirlshine71 3 days ago

The guy videoing this was annoying and probably wouldn't help the brother if the other whites ganged up on him...

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Meeces 5 days ago

You know! our people are always the first to walk away when we get abused. I am glad that this man slammed the crap out of that white guy, so glad!.

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TchallasQueen 5 days ago

That white dude cld barely hold back that flat back oval shaped cow. He wld hv every right to cock back one and give it to her cause she’s hitting him. You can tell they were scared of the blk guy. The guy in the orange was all talk until he saw his buddy get put to sleep. He was big and bad at first and felt good when he was in a gang but what changed. You mean to tell me u have morals now? One on one. More like scared to have the same outcome.

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Etnoobanga 6 days ago

Exactly These Heathens Are Off The Chain The Most High God Don't Like Ugly "It Was Totally Deserved His Punishment:! All The Heathens Were Going to Attempt To Bum Rush This Brother I Also Thank The Sister Who Stood By!

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