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Black Man Delivers The Fists Of Justice To White Nationalist

Advise Media Network
Published on 26 Dec 2017 / In News & Politics

White nationalist thought he could challenge a brother. That brother gave him the fists of justice.

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commonman80 16 days ago

I Really Get Sick Of Black Women PROTECTING WHITE BOYS When This Type Shit Kicks Off.. Because That's EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE DOING.. They Aren't Fooling No Body.. I Hope The Brother Kicked That Back Stabbing Black Woman To The Curb.. Because He's Sleeping With The Enemy Whether He Knows It Or Not...

You Didn't See The White Demonic Woman Try And Stop That Loud Mouthed Demonic Neanderthal.. The White Woman Jumped In And Tried To Help Her White Devil Mate.. By Talking Shit, And Trying To Pull The Brother Off That Shaved Demonic Ape.. I Keep Telling Brothers.. They Need to Watch The Black Woman They're With..

Because If Push Comes To Shove? (Like In This Case.) Some Of Them Wont Have Your Back.. Incredible.. Wow...

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sly35965 1 month ago

Greetings Sisters and Brothers - "The Beast Can Be Very Crafty When It Comes To Spreading Illusions Of Lies - Things Are Not What They Appear To Be - Of All The Wars Of Past And Present, The Black And White War Beat Them All. And It Started In The 14 or 15 Century, So I Ask You...When Will This War Ends?? NEVER!!! Because It's Eternal - THE BLACK NATIONS ARE THE FOUNDATION OF EXISTENCE - Others Nations Hate Us Too, But They Can't Irradiate Us. For If They Do, They Will Cease To Exist...Genetic Swiping."

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BirdsEyePerch 28 days ago

Difficult to read. All caps and mixed case, all over the place. Makes people's eyes to drift and just give up.

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Nflplayer 2 months ago

These black people saying they ain't gonna break it up, they should've helped the brother. Then the white dude buddy wanted to help his buddy who started the fight.

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Neiceybell7 2 months ago

We are at war better get on code like they are retaliation will be swift better be ready.

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NYCFUNK 2 months ago

Jesus! Why do we have to repeat everything 20 times as if it gets funnier after the 14th time? That cameraman and his damn ghettofied accent got on my one nerves. Even after the video ended I can still hear his voice!

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