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Why All Lives Matter is Bullshit?

04 Jun 2020

Recorded Feb 28, 2016
Various groups and hashtags raise awareness to situations and circumstances that fit to what they want to overcome and replace with justice & fairness. Why out of all groups’ people take issue or whine whenever this specific group raises the statement "Black lives matter"?

No one goes to Christians and say "All Religion matter" or Heterosexuals go to LGBT parades and go "All Sexuality matter" People didn't care about the "All Lives Matter" statement until "blacks lives" came about. When the Boston marathon bombing, Paris shooting and Movie theater shooting happen was the hashtag "ALL LIVES MATTER" used regularly when these terrible events happen? Huh was it? Nope. That's when you know the ALM phrase is use to criticize the BLM movement.

Nothing pure about using "All Lives Matter" People just hate the fact that there are black people who are using their voices to attract attention and bring awareness to a situation that has been a problem. No different from all these other groups that raise awareness to events that proved troublesome for their own.

If ALL LIVES MATTER... why isn't this hashtag or movement raise awareness and fight for injustice for all people? Why is it use only to distract from the message Black Lives Matter?

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