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Water Fluoridation - The Case Against Fluoride - Paul Connett Presentation (Highlights)

17 Jun 2019

Water Fluoridation - The Case Against Fluoride - Paul Connett Presentation (Highlights) - 2013

Fluoridation is one of the easiest health problems that we can end. We can end it by turning off the tap. All you need is a strong wrist, and we can turn off this unnecessary evil at the waterworks. But to turn that tap we need political will. And to get that political will, we need masses of people informed and organized.

Paul Connett gives a presentation in Auckland, New Zealand in 2013 highlighting BOTH sides of the water fluoridation argument.

Paul Connett is a prominent water fluoridation critic, executive director of the Binghamton, New York based Fluoride Action Network (FAN), one of the largest organizations opposing water fluoridation worldwide. Connett has been invited by environmental organizations opposing fluoridation to come and lecture on the subject in fluoridating countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Connett has stated "It’s politics that is interfering with science in this issue...It’s a matter of political will, and you cannot change political will if you don’t get the people. We must involve the people."

As always, use this info to gather more info.

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